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Natural and non-toxic candles: what are we talking about?

Natural and non-toxic candles: what are we talking about?

Natural and non-toxic candles: what are we talking about?

What's more comforting than a little flame flickering in the living room during the long winter evenings? To peacefully enjoy this moment of relaxation, you must, however, be sure to use natural and non-toxic candles. In fact, a few simple precautions are necessary to avoid harming the quality of your air. What are the preferred ingredients? How to maintain your candle to extend its life thanks to good combustion? We will explain everything to you ! And as a bonus, we give you some ideas for recycling your candle pot!

Plant-based wax and a cotton wick

The wax in most commercial candles is made from paraffin. It is a processed product derived from petroleum. In addition to being harmful to the environment, this type of wax releases harmful volatile organic compounds when burning which will pollute the air in your home.

It is therefore preferable to opt for candles whose wax is of plant origin: soy, rapeseed or even sunflower. Be careful with the name which can sometimes be misleading. A “vegetable wax” candle is not necessarily made only of vegetable wax. It is possible that paraffin or another ingredient was used to lower production costs. So make sure it says “vegetable wax candle” or “100% vegetable wax”.

The wick should also be given special attention. We very often encounter wicks with a metal core which release heavy metals during combustion.

A cotton, hemp or linen wick is preferred.

Last characteristic distinguishing natural and non-toxic candles: the use of non-synthetic fragrances of plant origin.

Other criteria to take into account: the origin and the container

Opting for a natural candle also means wanting to make an ethical and eco-responsible choice. To do this, it is important to take an interest in the place of manufacture and the container.

Choosing a candle produced in France obviously means limiting the carbon footprint linked to transport. But not only. This means ensuring that production is carried out in decent working conditions. It supports know-how and artisanal manufacturing, sometimes by hand.

Particular attention should be paid to the container. Glass is to be favored because it is not only recyclable but also reusable. At the end of the article, we give you some ideas to give new life to your candle jar.

Well-being and serenity thanks to natural and non-toxic candles

Burning a candle warms the heart. The silent dance of the flame brings relaxation and comfort.

To perfect this well-being, you can opt for natural scents which will harmonize and purify your interior. Many fragrances will help you relieve stress and anxiety or increase concentration: neroli, bergamot, jasmine, orange blossom, verbena, etc. Try them and find the scent that will soothe you.

How to maintain a non-harmful candle?

A few simple steps can significantly increase the longevity of your natural, non-toxic candles.

Before lighting them, make sure the wick is approximately 5mm. In fact, if it is too long, combustion will be greater and the wax will be consumed more quickly. So don't hesitate to trim the wick a little if necessary.

Cover it when not in use to prevent dust from settling on the surface.

To avoid the “crater” phenomenon , it is important to light the candle for at least an hour. All the wax on the surface should be liquid when you turn it off. Be careful, however, not to exceed approximately four hours so as not to alter the quality of your air.

Bonus: what to do with your glass jars once the candle has burned out?

When all the wax has burned out, the glass container of your candle can be intelligently reused. As promised, we give you some ideas for reusing your plant candle pots.

To begin, you must remove the wax residue that is there. You can put your candle in the freezer overnight. With the tip of a knife, the wax should come off easily the next day. If you have chosen a natural soy wax candle, this operation will be a little simpler because this component leaves fewer traces than other waxes.

To remove any odor, washing with white vinegar will prove very effective.

Once the glass jar is well cleaned, let your imagination run wild!

It could join your zero waste bathroom and accommodate your makeup remover wipes or your toothpaste tablets .

In the living room, it will become a small pot for plants. In an office ? He will collect pens or paper clips. In the bedroom, you will store your precious jewelry.

And for the kitchen? Think about bulk and fill it with chia seeds for example.

Finally, your pot could simply become... a tealight holder!

Decorate your little cocoon with pretty points of light by opting for entirely natural and responsible candles .

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