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Why choose a micro umbrella?

Why choose a micro umbrella?

Why choose a micro umbrella?

As everyone will have noticed, the weather hasn't really been favorable lately. Unless you stay at home or under the covers, you need to be well equipped to face the outside world!

For this, you can opt for a coat with a hood, a rain hat or the ideal ally: the umbrella.

So how to choose your umbrella? A straight or folding umbrella? What are the criteria ? What are your needs ?

An umbrella is generally made up of the same parts, namely a pole, a handle, a canvas, ribs.

  • The mast constitutes the central piece on which the other elements will be positioned. Generally made of metal or wood, the first is more flexible while the second is more rigid.
  • The canvas is generally nylon or polyester for waterproofing, the latter is often recommended for its greater quality. You can also find less efficient cotton and silk blends.
  • The ribs are the “rods” which connect the canvas to the mast and which unfold with the umbrella open. It is often this part which is the most fragile and which tends to break after numerous uses or because of the wind.

There are two main categories of umbrellas, namely the straight umbrella and the folding umbrella.

The straight umbrella , also called a cane umbrella, is large and touches the ground when moving with it. It can be very elegant but lacks practicality.
The folding umbrella has a small size which makes it much easier to carry and use on a daily basis.
Finally, there is another category of umbrella, the golf umbrella or umbrella for 2 which is imposing and not very suitable for daily use.

How do you use the umbrella? How do you use your umbrella?
It is important to ask yourself the right questions in order to find the umbrella that suits you and that you will use daily and for a long time.

A folding model allows you to take it more easily, especially if you are a pedestrian and make the majority of your trips on foot and/or by public transport.

A straight model may be preferred if you travel by car in particular and leave it in your trunk or if walking with a cane is important to you.

Take the time to think about your use in order to choose the umbrella that will accompany you everywhere, the objective is to find the one that you will keep with you as long as possible.

At Hersée, we chose the Anatole micro-umbrella (or mini umbrella), a French and Parisian brand that is aimed at everyone.
We particularly appreciate its manufacturing quality which makes it possible to offer a resistant, solid, ultra-light and easy to carry umbrella.
It is made up of a water-repellent canvas, carbon reinforcement, 7 fiberglass ribs, a titanium folding mast and a real maple handle with a nice hand loop.

It comes in different plain colors with some more classic colors and others less conventional.

All you have to do is not forget your umbrella when leaving in the morning!

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