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What is “made in France”?

What is “made in France”?

“Made in” literally means “made in” and indicates the geographical origin, the place of manufacture of a product.

A “Made in France” product is therefore quite simply a product made in France.

Buying “Made in France” products is for many consumers a guarantee of quality but also a civic gesture: it helps support the local and responsible economy and French know-how.

This also reassures consumers about the manufacturing conditions: the products do not come from several thousand kilometers and have not been manufactured by underpaid workers or children.

But what really is a “Made in France” product?

What is the origin of “Made in”?

Marking the origin of a product appeared in the 19th century in Great Britain.

As more and more German products are imported, the authorities have decided to introduce this mention in order to encourage citizens to consume British products.

However, this had the opposite effect: British citizens began to favor German products known for their good quality.

Influenced by the success of German products, other countries then also began to indicate the origin of the products in order to promote their know-how.

Is the mention “Made in…” obligatory?

In Europe, the statement of origin is mandatory for all foodstuffs as part of health regulations. It is optional for other products, manufactured products.

How to make “Made in France”?

Before being finished, a product is likely to undergo numerous transformations.

It is not uncommon for there to be several intermediaries in several different countries between the supplier of raw materials and the finished product found on a store shelf.

According to the Customs Code, in France, we define the country of origin of a product based on two criteria:

  • The country in which it acquired 45% of its added value


  • The country in which it underwent the last substantial transformation

As a result, a product marked “Made in France” may well be made from imported raw materials.

Finally, “Made in France” is not a label. A manufacturer must therefore not complete specifications to mention this on his product. It must only meet one of the two previously cited criteria defined by the Customs Code.

Where to buy Made in France?

Many stores and websites offer “Made in France” products.

At Hersée, we do not only offer French-made products.

We favor local and more specifically equal product. But we will also seek to offer you products from further afield when we discover products resulting from particular, historical or cultural know-how.

To sum up

“Made in France” or manufactured in France is a statement attesting to the origin of a product.

It is not imposed by the European Commission except for foodstuffs.

It is not a label and therefore does not meet specifications: it depends solely on the manufacturer's wish to highlight the fact that its product was made in France.

Finally, note that it is obviously prohibited and therefore punishable by law to mention a falsified origin.

Our selection of products made in France here

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